Stills aus „The artist is passing by“

„The rather dreamy student […] needs encouragement by the teacher but then she can show that she can think for herself“

Am I original, am I fancy, am I smart enough?
Am I present, Am I contemporary? Am I interesting?
Do I have space, do I take the space?
Do I challenge the mainstream? Am I running with or against it?
Who am I reaching, by who am I seen?
Do I care about people? Do I care about them?
Do I make a change, am I changing at least a point in time?
Am I getting peoples attention?
Am I too complex, am I too obvious?

In the 3 min. long video work we see the artist running up an escalator of the metro station in the opposite direction. Once she reached the top she stops and tries to regulate her breath. The people in the station don’t pay attention to her and keep on passing by heading down the escalator. As she notices that nobody cares she turns around and leaves the scenery by driving down the same escalator and disappears.
The video is accompanied by an artificial voice reading out the first grades elementary school report of the six year old Hannah.

Camera: Yel K. Banto
Assistance: Andrea Distel